Content Policy


We have a few common sense rules relating to copyrights and keeping Tiger Prints 3D appropriate for a general audience.

Users of the Tiger Prints 3D Service are responsible for making sure their content complies with this Content Policy.


As specified in our Terms & Conditions, we expect that the creator of a 3D design hold the copyrights to the content.  Tiger Prints 3D does not hold itself responsible for any legal repercussions that may result from copyright infringements.  

Please do not infringe on other people's intellectual property rights. (Intellectual property rights means copyright, patent, registered design, design right, trademark or trade secret.)

If you obtain work through a permissive license, please comply with the terms of that license.


Tiger Prints 3D is a home for all kinds of personal expression, and we try to be a home for a number of different communities. However, the range of expression allowed on Tiger Prints 3D does have limits. We reserve the right to refuse to print models for any reason.  Generally, models that are considered offensive, nasty or potentially dangerous will not be printed. Reasons may be given to reduce the chance of rejection on these grounds.